5 Advantages of Having a Detached Garage

Nowadays, most residential properties opt to have attached garages. Have you heard about detached garages in Townsville? They may not be as well-known as the attached ones, but this type of garage can offer you a whole range of advantages.

Having a separate garage may be a good option for you if you are just starting to build a new house or you want to revamp an old garage. Since an attached garage is sometimes transformed into an extension of an outdoor living area, building a detached garage that is only meant for vehicles or storage can be more practical. At Townsville Carports, we want our customers to see detached garages in a new light. Check out the practical benefits that a detached garage can extend to you and your property.

It will not overwhelm your home’s façade.

A garage that is directly attached may tend to dominate the façade of your home. This can lower the curb appeal of your space, especially if it is not well-built. Besides that, if you have a small house, an attached garage may overwhelm or completely cover it. With a detached garage, you can conveniently choose where you want this structure to be situated on your property. You can opt to set your garage at a strategic angle in your property, hide it in your backyard or erect it in the back of your house.

Detached garages are customizable.

One of the upsides of having a detached garage is how it can be easily customized to fit your unique requirements and preferences. Since it is not attached to your main house, you will not be limited in designing it. Building a garage that is separate from your house will allow you to be as creative as you want. You don’t have to follow and blend its design and aesthetic appeal to your home, unlike attached garages. Moreover, you can integrate additional living space through a separate garage. You can build a guestroom, an office, a workshop or a simple room where you can entertain visitors.

It is a safe storage area.

If you store paint cans, propane tanks, weed and insect killers or other chemical-based products in your garage, it might be best if you build a garage that is separate from your home. The fumes of these chemical-based products may pose a risk to you and your family if it is inhaled. Having a detached garage can lessen that risk. Besides that, the exhaust from your car will not enter your home, so you can reduce the potential hazards of being exposed to carbon monoxide.

It can provide you with a private area for recreational activities.

If you enjoy working on DIY projects, carpentry or other tasks in your garage, having a detached garage may be more advantageous for you. Since your workspace will be isolated from the rest of your home, you can avoid loud noises from tools, instruments or cars from disturbing other people. Besides that, this detached unit can provide you with a private area where you can hang out, play musical instruments or enjoy some interesting games with your family and friends.

Detached garages can limit access to your home.

Having a garage that is directly attached to your home can be a potential risk for break-ins. Since it is attached to your home, a thief or intruder can enter your home through a garage window or an unlocked garage door. If you have a detached garage, you will lessen the risk of people coming in and out of your home without you knowing.


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