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Out of the different structures, you can have for your outdoor space, pergolas are one of the more versatile options. Not only can they be either attached or unattached, but there are also a variety of styles and materials to select from for its design. Given the different options available with pergolas, you will also find different features to enjoy with each type as well. More than the different features with each option, you will find there is more pergolas can offer in terms of benefits as well. Townsville Carports can provide you the best outdoor structures for your home.

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Here at Carports Townsville, we create innovative and unique designs that are developed to respond to your daily needs. We customize our design based on your preferences.

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We value our work on top of everything else. All our builders uphold a high level of professionalism and quality to make sure that what we produce comply with all standards.

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With everything that we do, we ultimately aim to satisfy you with what we deliver. We make sure that we do not compromise our values for small conveniences and we respect your choices at all cost.

Advantages and Options for Pergolas

Pergolas are an outdoor structure that can bring you a balance of functionality and style. With the different options available for its design, you will have added value to your property, making it a cost-effective investment to have. As a structure, not only do you get a space to enjoy the outdoors while under a shade, you get an added protection against different weather conditions and a way to redirect water flow from rain. 

If you are looking for pergola types that have plenty to offer, the following are the best options: 

Gable Pergola

A classic pergola style that features rafters that are cut at angles and meet in the middle of the construction at a ridge. This design not only allows airflow but can be done in a way to reflect your property’s roof. What’s more, you can have the end sorts amended to provide its hip and bay end to further customize this design’s layout. For additional features, you can have it emulate ceilings by having it lined with lumber or other materials 

Level Pergolas

In comparison to other designs, a level pergola is generally encouraged to have a 5-degree pitch at a minimum to allow a water run. It can be a versatile design however with timber ceiling and feature inbuilt lighting and fans that can be applied along with distinct degrees or pitches. Both this and a gable pergola can be attached on one or multiple sides to your property depending on how you wish to fasten it. 

Dome Pergolas

A more modern pergola design that features a curved roof design which allows a high airflow and cooler space for wherever it is placed. Unlike other pergolas, its design empowers hot air rise to create a cooler space and can either be attached or free-standing from the property. How you would like it applied may depend on your style. 

More than the different types of pergola types to select from, there are two options you can have for roofing. These options are acrylic and polycarbonate roofing. The main difference between the two is that with the two is that while acrylic is a sturdy and lightweight material that can also be tinted to alter the color of the light it lets through it is less prone to breaking compared to polycarbonate. If you are unsure of what pergola would work best, a professional service can help guide you.

Why Choose Townsville Carports For Your Pergola Needs

With Townsville Carports you can be assured of reliable professionals to help you out throughout the entire process with quality craftsmanship. From the design through to completion, we will ensure to meet your pergola needs while also keeping to your budget and style goals. If you’d like to learn more about what we have to offer, you can have your first consultation with us via our hotline or explore our site.