Top 5 Carport Designs to Consider

As car owners, we want to do everything just to protect our vehicles to increase their longevity and prevents them from getting damaged. Thus, you won’t need to spend on costly repairs on maintenance. A carport is a good investment especially for those who live in areas with harsh weather conditions.

Carports come in different sizes and styles. Choosing the best design can be overwhelming to some. That’s why you should be aware of the different kinds of carports. You also need to consider your budget, purpose, needs, and style preference.

To give you an idea, here are the most common carport designs:

Enclosed Carports

Enclosed carports maximum protection from extreme weather conditions and provides more security. It can also be used as storage or a workshop. The only downside is they are expensive and labour intensive. But, enclosed carports are a good investment because they add value to your property.

Open-Sided Carports

An open-sided carport is classic and one of the most popular designs. It’s easy to install, inexpensive, and requires little maintenance. It protects your vehicles from harsh weather conditions and other harmful elements. However, it’s not as secure as an enclosed carport. Some people would argue that open-sided carports lack protection features. Despite that, open-sided carports are aesthetically pleasing and will still protect your car from harsh weather conditions.

Portable Carports

Portable carports are practical for homeowners who will use a carport as temporary protection for their vehicles. It can be used for residential or commercial properties. Portable carports have become popular because it’s easy to install and less expensive compared to installing a permanent carport.

There are a wide variety of portable carports. You can choose from different sizes, the material used, types of shelter, and features.

Flat Roof Carport

Flat roof carports are flat but slightly angled to allow water to flow easily. This carport is easy and simple to install. Most homeowners prefer flat roof carports with wood and heavy materials to increase the visual appeal of their yard. If you’re looking for a flexible carport design, then a flat roof carport should be one of your choices.

Gable Roof Carport

This is another popular carport design with a mix of traditional and clean aesthetics. Its roof is triangular and the corners are bent downwards. If you experience heavy rainfall or snowfall in your area, this type of carport works best for you. This is easy and quick to install that’s why it’s a popular design. A gable roof carport can be in aluminium, steel, or timber.


As you can see, carports come in different styles and designs. The ones we mentioned are just the most preferred designs by homeowners. Choosing the perfect design will depend on certain factors such as your style preference, purpose, and budget. But, one thing is for sure, each design serves its purpose—and that is to protect your vehicles.

Do you already have a design in mind? At Townsville Carports, we offer a large selection of options that will suit your budget and needs. If you’re still undecided, our team can give you professional advice based on your purpose and needs.


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