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As an outdoor structure, patios make for a versatile structure that can be attached to your home. A patio can come in a selection of styles that can hold different features depending on the type. More than this, a patio can also offer different benefits for your property. When selecting what kind of patio you would like, you can not only look out for the style but also whether it can be applied to your home. Find your ideal outdoor structure for your home with use now!

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Here at Carports Townsville, we create innovative and unique designs that are developed to respond to your daily needs. We customize our design based on your preferences.

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Professional Workmanship

We value our work on top of everything else. All our builders uphold a high level of professionalism and quality to make sure that what we produce comply with all standards.

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Client-Focused Service

With everything that we do, we ultimately aim to satisfy you with what we deliver. We make sure that we do not compromise our values for small conveniences and we respect your choices at all cost.

Benefits of a Great Patio

Each patio design offers different points depending on what you are looking for and they are as follows: 

Conventional Patios

Otherwise known as the traditional/general type of patio, this design features a flat roof and standard pillars while attached to the home. Even with a traditional design though, you will want to ensure that its cover has aerodynamics similar to those of a plane’s wing and won’t flex against the wind to ensure integrity and waterproofness

Flyover Patios

Featuring approximately 700mm of extra head height across the entire patio roof, this design can ensure high ventilation for whichever property it is applied to. However, due to its extra height, it is not always certain whether your property can handle this type of design. What’s more, it will mainly depend on the service you choose to work with whether this design is available. 

Gable Patios

Like its pergola counterpart, a gable patio features rafters that cut at angles and meet in the middle of the construction at a ridge which you can have to reflect the structure of your roof. The main difference with a gable patio though is that you can have the addition of ‘wings’, otherwise known as a flat section on either side of the gable for better waterproofing. What’s more, with a gable patio cover, there are more customizable options. 

Skydome Patios

Considered as one of the more unique patio designs that you can select from, there are three notable features that separate this type of patio from the others. With a skydome patio, there is a unique ventilation system that cools your patio by allowing hot air to be drawn out. As for its other two features, they are essentially a higher allowance for natural lighting and the ability to be applied to other designs. 

In addition to the noted types, another option that you can go for is a combination patio design. As the name indicates, this is a type of design where you can merge the practicality of a certain type of patio and the aesthetic appeal of a different style. Should your choice of professional service have this option, you can have different factors including head height, air ventilation made to both match your style and keep to its functionality. 

While there are different options you can go for with a patio, the main benefit that you will find with a patio is its ability to manage heat transmission for your property and provide insulation for your chosen space. As an extension of your property, it can both provide a space for you to enjoy the outdoors while being protected from the elements and add value for your property. Having these different points in mind, if you want to ensure you have the best patio to match your home, professional service would work best.

Why Choose Townsville Carports To Work On Your Patios

When choosing to have Townsville Carports meet your patio needs, you can be assured of quality craftsmanship and reliable professionals. Our patio builders can provide on-site advice, options and pricing to make the whole process smoother and ensure that your patio meets a balance of functionality and style. Should you like to learn more on what services we have to offer, you can contact us for your first consultation via our hotline or explore our page.